a ministry-friendship network

life isn’t a solo sport

God never intended for us to do life and ministry alone— that’s why we created The BOOM Network, which is designed to help those in ministry connect, allowing for God-knit friendships to grow and develop! Statistics tell us that 70% of pastors feel as though they don’t have a close friend, which is why The BOOM Network was created.

Our goal is to create a culture where members experience the 7 “Cs” that we have identified to help them feel connected and succeed in the important, valuable work that they do.

  • Connection: It's refreshing to meet new people and connect with old friends!

  • Community: It's fulfilling to spend quality time together and cultivate community!

  • Collaboration: It's satisfying to glean from one another and collaborate with peers!

  • Creativity: It's fun to share Spirit-inspired, creative ideas to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ!

  • Coaching: It's rewarding to coach others and share your expertise in areas of ministry!

  • Celebration: It's nice to be noticed and celebrated AND to notice and celebrate!

  • Currency: It's wise to discover strategic ways to inspire an organizational culture of generosity, and establish marketplace ministries that fund gospel initiatives through the local church!

there’s nothing more rewarding than to experience firsthand the life enrichment that occurs when connected with people that are brought together by God!

life is better together

We believe that community is established and relationships are formed through spending time together. Each year, The BOOM Network offers two events to cultivate friendship, spend time with the Lord, to let your hair down, reset your dials and be reminded that you are not alone in the valuable work that you do.

Imagine having alone time with the Lord in the Bahamas, relaxing on an Alaskan cruise, golfing in Palm Springs or shopping in New York City with friends…that’s what our Refresh Events are all about: senior pastors and international ministry directors unplugging for a few days and getting recharged with mentors and peers!

Additionally, The BOOM Network hosts what we call “Sharpen Your Ax”, an event where attendees have the opportunity to hear from seasoned leaders and engage in round-table discussion and peer learning. Topics discussed may include the following: growing a church, designing ministry environments, developing your staff, dealing with cultural changes, making disciples and a million other things— not to mention the creative ideas you get by just visiting other churches and seeing how others do ministry!

previous BOOM Network events

that’s the boom network!

a network of people just like you, because friends don’t let friends do ministry alone.

ready to expand your circle with others from churches around the world?