what does “BOOM” stand for?

“Biblical Organization Of Ministers”.

who is eligible to join?

senior pastors and their kids and spouses, pastoral staff and their kids and spouses, and leadership team members are all eligible to join.

how do I join and what do I get?

just complete the application below! once you are accepted, you’ll be invited to join our closed facebook group, and attend our two annual events. additionally, members receive ministry-building resources and opportunities through via email!

what kind of people belong to the BOOM network?

it’s made up of people ready to invest in friendships with like-minded ministry leaders from various streams: non-denominational, word of faith, baptist, charismatic, etc. the BOOM network is comprised of leaders looking for a “tribe” who love Jesus, are passionate about building the church and like to have fun!

what if I already belong to a ministry network?

no sweat! the BOOM network is not an exclusive group. you can join BOOM, enjoy all the benefits of this ministry-friendship network and also stay connected to any pre-existing relationships.

no, but if your senior pastor does join, that's great! the BOOM network’s primary objective is for members to cultivate friendships between ministry peers in parallel roles. additionally, we do offer discounted group rates if senior pastors want to sign up teams.

does my senior pastor need to be in the network for me to join?

no, the BOOM network’s primary goal is to foster authentic peer-to-peer ministry relationships, host fun events and to empower those in ministry.

can I be licensed through the network?

apply to the BOOM network

for more information, contact Richard Pilger, BOOM Network Director, at richardpilger@theboomnetwork.org