what is the boom network?

We aren’t meant to do life alone. In fact, God never intended for life and ministry to be a solo sport. Why then do so many individuals in ministry go through life feeling lonely and isolated? Unfortunately, statistics tell us that 70% of Pastors feel as if they don’t have a close friend, which is why The BOOM Network was created in the first place.

We feel so strongly about this that The BOOM Network motto is “Friends don’t let friends do ministry alone!” At BOOM, our goal is to help those in ministry connect, allowing for true God-knit friendships to grow and develop! We do this by organizing and hosting two events each year that allow us to get together, grow as friends and develop as leaders in ministry!

The BOOM Network is for Senior Pastors and their spouses, Pastoral Staff and their spouses, Missionaries and their spouses, PK's and many others. Our goal in the BOOM Network is to make sure that you, as an individual, experience the 7 “C’s” that we have identified as being important to help you succeed in the important and valuable work that you do.

The 7 C's

  • Celebrated: It's nice to be noticed, cheered on and celebrated!

  • Connected: It's refreshing to get connected to old and new friends and abolish isolation!

  • Collaborate: It's satisfying to collaborate with others in ministry to go from good to great!

  • Coaching: It's rewarding to coach others and share your expertise in areas of ministry!

  • Community: It's fulfilling to find community through heart level conversations and guided discussions at our annual events!

  • Creativity: It's fun to share Spirit-inspired creativity and innovative ideas to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ!

  • Currency: It's wise to share ideas on strategic ways to encourage generosity and marketplace ministries to fund gospel works through local churches and organizations!

We want you to be able to experience firsthand the life enrichment that occurs when connected with people that are brought together by God!

But how does that happen?

Imagine two events a year where you get to be with people who “get” your life––peers in ministry––a “tribe”––who love Jesus, are passionate about building His Church and like to have fun! 

How about we meet once a year to “do something fun” like, go on an Alaskan cruise, golf in Palm Springs, snorkel in the Bahamas or go shopping in New York City––all for the purpose of cultivating friendships, spending time with the Lord, letting down your hair, having fun, resetting your dials and being reminded you are not alone in the valuable work you do.

Then, let’s meet one more time each year at a BOOM Network Member’s church to “sharpen your ax” through hearing from seasoned leaders and engaging in round table discussion and peer learning. Topics discussed would include: growing a church, getting the right building, developing your staff, dealing with cultural changes, making disciples and a million other things. (Not to mention the creative ideas you get by just visiting other churches and seeing how others do ministry.)

Okay, but that’s not all. BOOM Members will also receive access to free video, graphic and administrative resources (on a special website) and discounts on products. In addition, BOOM Members will be eligible to take advantage of opportunities for you and your team to attend camps, conferences and retreats, and insider access to connect with other BOOM members. Imagine all of the things mentioned, not just for yourself––but also for your spouse, your kids, your leadership team and the kids of your staff pastors! Ready to expand your circle of friends and to see your family and staff connecting with others who serve in parallel roles in churches around the world? Can you see it?


A ministry friendship network.
Because, “friends don’t let friends do ministry alone."


jeff & beth jones

founders of the boom network

We are Jeff and Beth Jones, you might know us from Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan (or through the Basics books.) We have pioneered and pastored for the past 25 years, and we’ve been married for over 30 years. We’ve always served together as a husband/wife team, while raising four kids who––as it turns out––all love God, feel called to the ministry and have served on staff with us at VFC.

We’re excited about spearheading THE BOOM NETWORK, and we look forward to having some fun together!  

Over the years, we’ve hosted numerous leadership events, conferences, round-tables and gatherings to encourage pastors in their worthy calling. The longer we’re in ministry, the more convinced we are that pastors, their families and staff need more intentional opportunities to cultivate friendships with others who are on the same journey. BOOM is all about that.

One thing we know how to do is have fun!



The statistics on the toll ministry takes on pastors and key leaders are staggering. Can you wrap your head and heart around these stats?

Statistics provided by The Fuller Institute, George Barna, and Pastoral Care Inc.

A BIG DEAL: The number of congregations claiming no denominational affiliation increased from 18% in 1998 to 24% in 2012. While this is great in many ways, it also means there are a lot of church leaders who are targets for isolation, discouragement and loneliness.

Another reason for THE BOOM!

WHO can join the BOOM NETWORK?

Senior Pastors, Spouses and Senior Pastors' Kids

Pastoral Staff, Spouses and Staff Pastors' Kids

Staff & Key Volunteer Leadership Team Members

WHAT are the upcoming events?

Stay tuned for more 2018 events and check out the recap of past events below!

BOOM Network’s Refresh Event | April 9-12


Bright sun, emerald waters, white sand beaches, great food and memories to last a lifetime - experience it all, surrounded by friends at Rosemary Beach! With lush green lawns, sugary beaches, West Indies style architecture and a downtown bustling with high-end shops and restaurants, Rosemary Beach is the ultimate Gulf Coast destination.

The pristine shores of Rosemary Beach are enough to keep someone occupied for days. Greens surrounding the square are perfect for picnics and late afternoon playtime. Rent bikes or bring your own for a scenic ride through neighboring communities. No matter how you choose to spend your days, you are sure to be surrounded by your friends in The BOOM Network! Each day we’ll have the chance to connect, grow spiritually and have deep meaningful conversations with like minded people.

This is event is for Senior Pastors, their spouses and International Ministry Directors and their spouses and will take place April 9-12. The cost is $999 per couple and will include lodging, entertainment and several meals. Registration is limited so be sure to save your spot today!

Click HERE to register and see the potential schedule for the week!

WHAT have past events looked like?

outer banks event recap

At our last BOOM Network event, we gathered a group of senior pastors at the Outer Banks in North Carolina to stay at a beautiful house on the ocean to have fun, be refreshed and sharpen one another in ministry. Jeff and Beth Jones, senior pastors of Valley Family Church and Boom Network founders, led the getaway with time connecting, having fun and leading meaningful iron-sharpens-iron conversations.

Don’t miss our next Boom Network event! In addition to one “fun” event each year, we’ll also meet one more time each year at a Boom Network member’s church to “sharpen your ax” through hearing from seasoned leaders and engaging in round table discussing and peer learning.

I want in! 

how do i become a charter member of the BOOM network?

Membership = $129 - Per Person Annually

Group Rate: For Churches Who Register More Than 5 People - The Group Rate Will Be Maxed At $599 Annually

BONUS: Senior Pastor's Kids and Staff Pastor's Kids Under 25 Years Old = FREE


How Do I Join And What Do I Get?
Just complete The BOOM Network application below. Once you join, you’ll be invited to attend the two annual events hosted by The BOOM Network. BOOM Members will also receive access to free video, graphic and administrative resources (on a special website) and discounts on products. In addition, BOOM Members will be eligible to take advantage of opportunities for you and your team to attend camps, conferences and retreats, and insider access to connect with other BOOM Members.

For more information, contact Richard Pilger, BOOM Network Director at richardpilger@theboomnetwork.org

Who Is Eligible To Join?
Senior Pastors, Spouses, Senior Pastor's Kids, Pastoral Staff, Pastoral Staff Spouses, Staff Pastor's Kids and Leadership Team Members

Does My Senior Pastor Have To Be A Member Of The BOOM Network In Order For Me To Participate?
No, The BOOM Network's primary objective membership is to help cultivate friendships between ministry peers in parallel roles. If your Senior Pastor joins The BOOM Network too, that's great!  

What If I Already Belong To Other Ministry Organizations Or Networks?
That’s great! The BOOM Network is not an exclusive network. You can join BOOM, enjoy all the benefits of this friendship network and stay connected to the organizations and networks you are already a part of––especially, if you are enjoying the benefit of those associations.

What Kind Of People Belong To The Boom Network?
It’s made up of people ready to invest in friendships with like-minded ministry leaders from various streams: Non-Denominational, Word of Faith, Baptist, Charismatic, etc. BOOM is made up of leaders looking for a “tribe” who love Jesus, are passionate about building His Church and like to have fun!

Can I Be Licensed Through The BOOM Network?
Not at this time. The BOOM Network’s primary goal is to host fun events to foster authentic peer-to-peer ministry friendships and to help empower those in ministry to sharpen their ax. 

What Does BOOM Stand For?
Biblical Organization Of Ministers

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